Happy Friday! As Elle Woods would say “We did it!” Bring on the warm weather & weekend fun!


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Happy Friday friends! I’m currently writing this from work at 3:35pm, I felt it’s been too long.  I’ve tried to write a blog post all week and even blocked out an hour or two to try and knock something out, but I just couldn’t do it.  I’d stare at my phone or laptop for hours and not write a single thing.  To be honest, I just really feel like rambling right now so I’m sorry if this is not what you came to my page for today…

I’ve tried to consistently stick to a posting schedule in the last few months, but I’ve had not one, not two, but TEN posts sitting in my drafts.  They haven’t made my blog yet because I haven’t been inspired to write them.  It’s something I’m struggling with right now and have a feeling I will the next couple of months or so.

Pretty much, this blog is my inspiration.  It’s my creative outlet and something I’m extremely proud of.  But this blog is so much more than what I’m wearing or my favorite Summer trends.  It’s my life.  I started it to share my experiences and advice.  But how do I share that life and advice when it is so ridiculously boring right now?

I’m sure I’ve shared my daily routine on here before, but it really is just work, and school.  I’m honestly too busy with school.  When I’m not on campus for 8 hours working/studying, I’m at my apartment or at DryHop trying to get away.  That’s my life at the moment.

Although I have done a bit of traveling this year, I realize my trips were short, sweet, and to the point.  They typically had a purpose to the trip (family gatherings/weddings), rather than leisurely.   Lately, I’m not going out at night, I’m not doing anything fun for myself.  I feel stuck in this time of my life where all I do and all I want to do is sleep, watch Netflix/relax, and finish school work.  And trust me, you can’t feel inspired to write a post when that’s all you feel you have done the last uncounted months of your life.  So, I’m a little stuck right now.

I have no real plans to travel this summer, and I’ll be working like crazy to save for some future goals.  It’s honestly kind of sad because I just want inspiration to write some posts!!!  But I can’t get it right now.   I’ve accepted that this is my stage of life at the moment.   I’d love to be out day drinking, hanging by the pool.  and traveling all the time, but in reality, I graduate in one year.  I have one year to finish my degree, make the grades, add to my resume, and look for a better job.  That’s what’s important right now and it’s just one more year of my life.

I’m so thankful that I have all of y’all reading my blog and I’ve worked so hard to get my blog where it is over the last few months.  But unfortunately, my life is NOT fun and games right now.  And I personally feel like I know y’all don’t want to be reading about how I went to bed at 8pm the other night because I was so tired from all of the school work I’ve been doing.  I’ve run myself completely dry (whatever that means??) because I’m the type of person that will take on as much as I can until I collapse.  LITERALLY.  And I’m pretty much at that point right now.

I am SO sorry for this rant of a post but I know a lot of you really do care about what’s going on in life and I so appreciate that.  I’m so thankful for this blog and I’m not stopping it anytime soon but just wanted to explain where I’ve been and what’s going on with me right now.

I seriously have 10 posts of photos to go up.  They’ll eventually go up, but I like them to have a purpose.  And until I get the inspiration for that purpose, they’re just going to sit in my drafts.  I hope y’all understand and thank you SO much for reading and being so incredibly kind.  I pray that venting about this just opens my mind up for more ideas and content.  Here’s to a lovely Friday, celebrating the start of Summer, and a weekend of living life!





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