Maggiano’s! My Personal Little Italy

Love, love, love this place!

I have to start by talking about the restaurant itself as a whole being one of my favorites. The atmosphere is truly family oriented. I have been to many Maggiano locations, but this one is by far my favorite!

The service here is incredible. I was greeted by the host staff immediately upon walking in. I believe the girl mentioned her name to be Cici. Reminds me of a childhood favorite pizza spot, so I was already enjoying talking to her. They had a bit of a wait that evening, but I wasn’t surprised because of how popular they are. The hostess assured me that I would be seated shortly, and offered a spot near the bar at high tops or the bar itself to grab a glass of wine while I waited. I really liked this offer because in my opinion she did a great job of comforting our group since we had a bit of a wait but kept us involved by recommending starting with a drink. She made sure to check in with us and kept us laughing till a table became available. That definitely made the wait seem much shorter, and we were seated before we knew it.

Once seated our wait staff was wonderful! Very attentive and kept making sure our water was full and our food was out in a timely fashion. The food was incredible per usual, and I love their portion sizes. They always have amazing deals going on and the take home options are the greatest.

I don’t even know where to begin about the food. It’s so delicious and the kitchen staff cooks to perfection. I have basically had everything on their menu, since I am a major food connoisseur. My favorite would have to be the Spaghetti & Meatball and Chef KB’s Lobster Carbonara (when I used to be able to eat seafood).

I have never utilized them for banquet services, but I sure plan to for my gender reveal and baby shower!!

Photo of Maggiano's Little Italy - Skokie, IL, United States. Spaghetti with meat sauce and meatballs.
Photo of Maggiano's Little Italy - Skokie, IL, United States. Maggiano's is a great place for lunch, brunch, cocktails, and celebrations!

Photo of Maggiano's Little Italy - Skokie, IL, United States. lobster carbonara


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