Moretti’s I’m Sad to Say Goodbye

I hate having to say goodbye to one of my most favorite restaurants! I was probably the happiest person to have Moretti’s open in Morton Grove. It’s been a spot I have been coming to since opening day with my friends. It’s become a local hangout spot for us. We watch all our games here, enjoy evenings out on the patio, and I was even planning to use them for my gender reveal, baby shower, and large scale events through the University I work for. However, all of that has changed due to a particular staff member. Unfortunately, this staff member decided to personally attack me verbally after work hours through facebook. She brought in her personal opinion on my pregnancy and what I eat/drink at Moretti’s.

This was quite upsetting for me due to the fact that I am a well educated person who has several degrees, & I have the best doctors and medical professionals through my health insurance. I am in amazing health as is my baby. I enjoy Moretti’s because their food is not only delicious but their banquets seemed like the perfect fit for me. I have at least spent over a couple hundred to a thousand dollars in service here.

My doctor said it was perfectly safe for me to have a non alcoholic beer along with my food at this restaurant/bar with my friends because I am free to live my life. I am pregnant, not in jail. In no way would I ever dream of harming my child and this waitress assumed the worst and belittled me, as well as harassed me for days. She made claims that DCFS would take my child, that I am a bad soon to be mother, and many more allegations that were untrue.

I heard that during pregnancy everyone will weigh in their opinions; however, I never believed it would be to this extent!!

I do not like to call out staff members by name, but Sara Dolan caused quite a stressful experience for me at Moretti’s (especially during my pregnancy) and although I had a chance to speak with management and they assured me it would not continue, it did continue. She continued to message and harass me even when I was not responding to any of her messages or comments.I was also made aware by her that an upper management manager (Gary) ignored my complaint and supposedly, “He really doesn’t care” I have never felt more upset by an establishment.

I have to say, I will not be returning there and I hope people, especially expecting Mothers, take their business to more respectable places such as Maggiano’s or other restaurants that can accommodate woman who are pregnant and not make them feel as though they are a bad person for enjoying some food with their friends over a Bears or Cubs game. I feel extremely sad for this establishment, seeing as this is how employees treat well paying customers.

It’s a sad day for me to say my goodbyes! Take care my old friend, and if staff changes I hope to return one day.


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