Which of the following two qualities in your husband would it be?

Who Wins? – The Best Friend or The Good Provider Husband?

Why should I be forced to choose?

From a spouse’s point of view, it can be extremely testing to adjust, or be both. Making it more troublesome in today’s economy and it’s money related effect on relational unions and families. Many traditional roles of husband and wife have been turned around, turned inside-out, and turned upside-down.

It is a fight that we, spouse’s, battle each and every day. A few men may have surrendered the battle, and simply centered around the one they do best or are most alright with. Be that as it may, in the event that it were up to our spouses, which one is generally vital? Which one would the spouses need most? This question applies to singles too, and is something that must be considered when making a guarantee in marriage.

The Best Friend Husband

This is the spouse that is there. He is available in all ranges. He is there to invest energy with you and the children. He contributes around the house, or is “domestic sexy.” You have a relationship based on correspondence. At the point when the work that he does, whatever or wherever that might be is accomplished for the day, he is hanging out with you. You really feel you know him personally, and he knows you personally, on account of the quality time you spend together. When you have a question, an idea, or something to state, your first decision is to address him.

Be that as it may, with regards to giving, he is falling somewhat short. You may not be sure if you will have money to pay the bills. On the off chance that regardless he has work, this occupation may not pay what is expected to completely bolster your family’s way of life. Your night out on the town fundamentally consists of putting the kids to bed and watching a movie at home in light of the fact that there is no money accessible to go out. Your companions are discussing their consistent excursions; however, you have yet to go on one because of an absence of accounts. Your monetary future, your family way of life, is loaded with a ton of vulnerability.

The Good Provider Husband

This guy has it going on in his career, and his way of life shows it. There is never any uncertainty that the majority of your needs, the children’s needs, and the requirements of the family unit are met. That, as well as your needs, are met too. You shop at the nicer places rather than generic places, your things and children’s things are all predominantly known brands. End of the week shopping trips with your girls, as well as your children, are financed and happen frequently. You take trips for all intents and purposes when you need. You have the choice to grow a career for yourself, or remain at home.

In spite of the fact that he is “that person” in the profession front, and giving an extraordinary way of life to your family, he is seldom present – physically, inwardly, or rationally. The profession that gives such a great amount to you and your family keeps him busy all the time. When he is not working, he is loosening up, discussing work, or hanging with the guys. Your girlfriends know more about what goes ahead in your head, home, and with your kids than he does. It has been months since you’ve shared a personal affair that is attractive to you.

Choose Only One…

It can take so much out of a husband to provide financially for his family, that he sometimes must make sacrifices that keep him from the wife and family he is working to provide for. Then again, a spouse may state to overlook the lucrative career so he can invest however much quality time, and create as many teachable, yet fun, moments with their family as could be expected. Doing as such may restrain his career and financial options. In the event that you needed to pick one… what might your decision be?


DryHop Brewers.

If you love hop-centric ales, IPAs and Pale Ales, Belgian, and experimental craft beers – DryHop’s brewmaster, is a ninja-genius when it comes to balancing elements like acidity, bitterness, aroma and mouthfeel to derive the perfect combination of flavor.  They believe in the power of the palate over a recipe any day.

They brew more than 150 in-house beers since they opened in 2013, and the styles range from seasonal IPAs to traditional Belgian farmhouse ales.


“Craft beer culture on a plate.”

As a regular DryHop patron, I would say my husband/friends & I will stopover there at least once a week. The menu constantly brims with dishes showcasing the flavors and seasonality of the brewery.

My personal favorite on their menu is The Burger! Mind you this is no ordinary burger.  It was named one of, 2013’s Best Burgers in Chicago.

The burger is blended from brisket and short rib with a chile-tomato jam, aged cheddar, arugula, and pickled sweet onions. You also have the option to add Applewood Smoked Bacon and/or an Egg) (which are both optional, but we know you’ll do the right thing). Now go eat!



  • WHEAT IPA—6.5%

It is literally your next love affair. Light bodied American Wheat Ale featuring truckloads of Galaxy hops. Expect strong notes of passion fruit.

This is my FAVORITE beer on tap. This is one of their very first brews. It’s a bit lighter, without all the fresh citrus aroma; something licoricey, prickly, and herbal mingles with peach and white grape, and the bitter finish reminds me of grapefruit. It pairs wonderfully with the burger and much of their other menu items as well.  I was impartial to it at first, but it has quickly grown into my first choice.



To: The “New Year New Me” Folks.

“In a world that rewards advancement and perfection, being a beginner—at anything—is terrifying. Somewhere along the path from childhood to adulthood, high achievers become increasingly fearful of criticism and doing anything “badly.”

Unhappiness could be defined as a permanent state of discontent; you’re always focused on what you don’t have instead of what you do. Needless to say, this mentality can erode your overall quality of life, negatively influencing your career, relationships, and well-being.

Psychologist and LinkedIn influencer Dr. Travis Bradberry, co-author of the best-selling book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, recently took a closer look at the life habits of chronically unhappy people, and we were struck by how common some of them were.

Most notably, Bradberry found that unhappy people are always waiting for the future, allowing the phrase “I’ll be happy when…” to chart life’s course. “This way of thinking puts too much emphasis on circumstances, and improved circumstances don’t lead to happiness,” he writes. “Instead, focus on being happy right now, in the present moment, because there’s no guarantee of the future.”

In addition to a lack of mindfulness, unhappy people also spend too much time and money acquiring “things,” avoid socializing, and view themselves as a victim. “[These] people tend to operate from the default position that life is both hard and out of their control,” writes Bradberry. “While everyone is certainly entitled to feel down every once in a while, it’s important to recognize when you’re letting this affect your outlook on life.” Remember that bad things happen to everyone and that you have the ability to determine your own future.




New Year New Food

New Year’s Eve is considered one of the most overrated holiday’s. Which is why my husband and I considered changing up our plans.  Both of us being large food connoisseurs decided it would be nice to incorporate delicious noms along with wine/drink pairings.

Along with us, we had some friends and family join us at a popular restaurant in Lakeview, Chicago – Bites Asian Tapas.

Many of Bites’ bites have a fusiony flair. Korean sliders incorporate pork shoulder marinated in a Korean sauce. The spicy Thai steak is called Crying Tiger with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and avocado in corn tortillas. Oriental Paella resembles crab fried rice with scallions, cherry tomatoes, white onions, carrot, and daikon. Drunk Chicks were fried boneless chicken karaage, with house whiskey soy sauce.

The special that evening was Fried Lemongrass Quail with soy-lemongrass marinade served with tamarind lime sauce from their Special Menu.


Their small plates makes it easy to share amongst everyone, and provided us great drink options to pair our delicious dinner. The Pink Lotus Cocktail was the perfect drink. Bringing the natural colors of a Lotus to this cocktail makes it perfect to be enjoyed on a special evening such as this one.


If you are ever in Chicago, it’s worth checking out! Sake, sake, sake bomb!