Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world 👠🌏

These shoes are great examples of beautiful shoes. They are perfectly detailed- not too much glitz, but just enough. More delicate and understated, but still makes a statement. Its a classic.

These Valentinos are basically my dream shoe, but they are no longer in production and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere in a different color. In my opinion they should just keep making them season after season since it doesn’t really get much better than that.

They’re a little less traditional- but that’s what I love about it! They’re flirty and oh-so-pretty. Also no longer available, but lovely none the less. They’ve been doing no good sitting here in my closet, shining and glimmering and begging to be worn, so I decided to paint the town in them tonight!


Wurst lunch 😉😋

If your dining in Lake Geneva, stopping at Sprecher’s is a MUST!

From trendy German beers to impeccable sausages, you feel right in Germany. My husband and I travel to Lake Geneva once a year starting the day after Christmas, and we wouldn’t miss a good old Oktoberfest & Bloody Mary, paired with the Wisconsin’s Best Wurst Platter.

The Oktoberfest is traditionally brewed to celebrate the harvest season, this reddish-brown lager has a rich caramel character and a long flavorful finish. Its delicious malty sweetness is nicely accented by a slightly fruity bouquet and a mild hop flavor.

The Wurst platter uses Bockwurst, Knockwurst and Weisswurst served with house-made spaetzle and spicy red cabbage. Spicy beer mustard served on the side

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Spring Wedding Styles 

There is a reason Spring weddings are insanely popular and it has a lot to do with the crazy gorgeous colors and flowers. And if you can land yourself a venue with flowering trees, well then consider yourself blessed by the wedding gods.

I have a handful of moments from our wedding day that I keep close to my heart, but one of my favorite moments was just after our ceremony ended. We had a minute or two to ourselves after the processional, and we held each other finally as husband and wife.

My advice to other brides is to keep it simple and easy. Try not to overcomplicate and overthink. Oh and dance. Always dance under the stars with the one you love.




Not only does Grand Geneva have an impressively long cocktail list, it also has an awesome all day happy hour featuring bloody marys. Slightly bitter and all savory, their mix features copious amounts of black pepper and a heavy celery salt presence. It is precisely the kind of bloody mary you want after a long night of copious imbibing. Just don’t forget to ease that belly ache with their delicious mini bison sliders.

Why go? Cheap and savory!

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